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Fenwick-Hollowell Wetlands 小道我看 – Elizabeth City

Fenwick Hollowell 小道

Absorb the Beauty of the Wetlands

2月. 5, 2019, 我看 reopened the Fenwick-Hollowell Wetlands 小道 after renovating 750 feet of its 3,440-foot boardwalk. We encourage the community to visit, take a walk and enjoy the scenery.

Fenwick-Hollowell 小道 Map (PDF)

Fenwick-Hollowell Satellite Map (PDF)

Elizabeth City Campus Mileage Map (PDF)

Open to the Community






Earlier this year, the 我看 基金会 submitted an application with the North Carolina Arboretum, an affiliate institution of the University of North Carolina System, for the trail to become an ecoEXPLORE Hotspot. The 基金会 received approval this spring and is proud to announce this wonderful partnership with the North Carolina Arboretum and the additional educational and recreational opportunities on the trail.  

The ecoEXPLORE Hotspot provides children with endless outdoor adventures on the trail while piquing their curiosity for discovering new things in the wetlands. Our inclusion as a hotspot location includes our trail location at and gives families the opportunity to take photos of their various observations on the trail, uploading them to an online biodiversity database at

ecoEXPLORE Flyer



The 公园里的孩子 program is an initiative by the Blue Ridge Parkway 基金会, a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving and enhancing walking trails. The program aims to get children and families outdoors, engaged with nature, and explore the trails through a series of interactive and educational activities. Here’s how the program works:

跟踪轨迹: The program features a network of “跟踪轨迹“, which are designated hiking trails that are specifically designed for kids. These trails offer self-guided adventures with interactive features and educational signs along the way.

Adventure Journals: At the beginning of each TRACK 小道, kids can pick up a free adventure journal. These journals contain activity guides, 提示, and space for kids to record their experiences and observations during their hike.

Nature-themed Activities: Along the 跟踪轨迹, kids will find various activity stations (scavenger hunts, wildlife observation points, nature quizzes, 等.). These activities are designed to engage kids with their surroundings and help them learn about the natural environment.

Online resources: The 公园里的孩子 website provides additional resources, including printable activity guides and educational materials. Families can access these resources to continue the learning experience at home or as they explore other sections of the parkway.

The 公园里的孩子 program is a great way for children and families to connect with nature, learn about the environment, and create lasting memories.